Howard Comfort, (the Angus) is a professional guitarist and singer/songwriter from Tacoma , Washington. Born the son of an Ivy League college math professor, he inherited more of his drama major mother's gifts for theatre and music than his father's head for numbers. One of the two founding members of Soulstripper, he has also appeared in several previous local line-ups including such groups as the Lives in Being (1987-1995), the Kents (1993-1998), the Phobics (1997-2000), Bonfire, (2001-2003) and Swiftkick, (2005.). This latter group achieved local success on the club circuit and featured the vocal antics of former Soulstripper singer Bon Johnson. Howard has a wide-ranging number of styles of guitar playing to draw from but his sound is heavily influenced by such greats as A.Young, E. Clapton, J. Hendrix, J. Page, P. Townsend, K. Richards, B. Gibbons, J. Garcia, etc. Although the list of influences goes on and on, the fact remains that his core style has always been remeniscent of an AC/DC-based sound, making him an ideal player in the Angus role. He prefers to play his Gibson SGs, Explorers, Flying V, Les Paul and Nighthawk guitars but has been known to rip up a couple of Fender Stratocasters on occasion when the mood strikes. It is his take-no-prisoners style of playing that resides at the heart of the Soulstripper sound; it is also the same aggressive philosophy behind this over-the-top style of playing that he shares with the other accomplished members of the group. Howard is fond of remarking that Soulstripper really came into its own as a potent force to be reckoned with when he teamed up with ......

Russ Huber is a gifted guitarist and holds the Malcolm slot with Soulstripper. His mastery of the role has led to a heightened overall quality of replication of the original AC/DC masters. Russ is  a fixture on the South Sound music scene, performing widely with a variety of quality line-ups. He has been playing guitar since around age 13 and displays a stoic onstage charisma which closely matches the actual Malcolm Young persona. He plays Gibson guitars and runs his sound through  Marshall amplifiers.

Greg Fowler, the man providing the low end thud for the Soulstripper sound, is a skilled and proficient bass guitarist. He has played steadily on the local scene for 20+ years with premier bands, among them Led Zeppmen, Mindseye, Racket, Subvinyl Jukebox, and has appeared on the bill with numerous national acts. A master of his instrument, he has a very serious rock and metal background. Greg plays a Fender Precision Bass and  has mastered the precise pick-style bass attack of the AC/DC bass player Cliff Williams. The addition of Greg's attention to detail and low-end thunder and cohesion has cemented the Soulstripper sound, bringing the punch needed to complete the group's exacting AC/DC sonic replication.

Kevin Sibley , Soulstripper's drummer, is an outstanding practitioner of the rhythmic arts. His drumming is unparallelled in the Northwest and his hard-hitting style perfectly matches the Soulstripper "AC/DC Sound". He has been laying it down and driving the bus for numerous top-shelf local acts for years prior to his tenure with Soulstripper, and was to be found playing along with Howard Comfort in local classic cover rock act Swiftkick, among other groups, some years before the actual inception of Soulstripper. He plays Pearl Drums with Sabian Cymbals.

Andy Brodigan is the Bon Scott voice for Soulstripper.  He brings an exacting precision to his recreations of the Bon Scott stylings and takes pride in the uncanny sonic replications he is capable of.  An experienced performer with numerous local bands, Andy had been rocking the local scene for decades before landing his "dream job" with Soulstripper.  Now he brings all that authority and experience to his role and he routinely crushes in his live performance.  His tone, pitch, range and accuracy are things of wonder!

Daren Stanley is the Brian Johnson voice of Soulstripper.  Like Soulstripper's Bon Scott figure (Andy Brodigan) Daren provides a note-for-note, inflection-for-inflection rendition of his chosen icon, which in this case is of course Brian Johnson.  Few singers can approach the range and power provided by AC/DC's current singer, but Daren does the job handily and is able to hit every nuance of the Brian Johnson canon.  He closes the Soulstripper show and brings the house down with the sheer power and unmatched vocal attack that he provides.  This young man is one to watch: if you want to see and feel what a later-date AC/DC concert is like, then just witness Daren Stanley's portion of the Soulstripper show!